Vasvari synagogue

Vasvari street synagogue

At the end of the 18th century Jews get the right to settle in Pest, but they still belong to the Obuda Community.
In 1787 there are 14 Jewish families in Pest and the Community has a little more than 100 members. In 1796 they rent a house from Baron Jozsef Orczy. The Orczy house becomes the first synagogue of Pest. By 1799 there are 2000 Jews in Pest and a few decades later their number grows to about 10000.
The Jewish Community of Pest in 1830 wanted all the Jews to gather in the same house, the Orczy, so the conservatives not supporting the reform ideas of the Pest Jews founded the Sasz Chevra organization in 1842.

The Hebrew name means Talmud Association, it was lead by Ede Fleishman and Gusztav Taub and its purpose was to teach from the Talmud and keep the traditions while praying for the members. A school and a library was needed, which can be seen today surrounded by apartment houses.

Vasvari synagogue
Vasvari synagogue

The final form of the synagogue complex is reached in 1887. After renovations in the 1990′s the Chabad Lubavits community started using it.

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