The synagogue in Mad, Hungary.

The following pictures are from, a website of architectural projects in Hungary.
The synagogue in Mad, located in Tokaj wine region of Hungary, is considered to be one of the oldest synagogues in Hungary. It was constructed in 1785 in late Baroque style, without known designer names, but presenting a Polish- Lithuanian influence. The synagogue is located in the center of Mad, near the catholic and protestant churches, symbolizing very well the harmonious living of the different ethnic and religious groups next to each other.

The few survivors of the Holocaust returned to Mad, but in the ’50s the members of the community left the town or died out and the synagogue stands empty ever since.

The reconstruction of the synagogue lead by Ágnes Benkő and Péter Wirth received Europa Nostra award in 2004. Today the synagogue of Mad is home to concerts, conferences and other events.