May the reason of your interest in our city be:
– curiosity towards the wonderful masterpieces of the Hungarian architecture, technology and science
– interest in Jewish history
– Hungarian roots

You are in the right place! We are looking forward to welcoming you on a tour!


BUDAPEST half day
For those short of time all the essential highlights: Heroes’ Square, City Park, Andrassy boulevard, Opera, Saint Steven’s Basilica, Dohany street synagogue, Parliament, Castle district and Gellert Hill.

Duration: up to 4 hours
Price: 110 Euros
For extra hours we charge 20 Euros/hour. Price does not include transportation, entrance tickets.

BUDAPEST full day
To get a better insight with interior visits to the Parliament, Opera, Dohany synagogue, Saint Steven’s Basilica, Matthias church, etc. with brake for lunch.

Duration: up to 8 hours
Price: 160 Euros.
For extra hours we charge 20 Euros/hour. Price does not include transportation, entrance tickets, meals.

Jews have settled in Hungary already in the middle ages. Learning about the Hungarian Jewish community is a wonderful travel back in time. We recommend this tour for those who wish to understand the 20th century, for those who search their roots or for those who just want to see the highlights of Budapest.
If you are interested in visiting the Dohany street great synagogue and the Jewish district around it, we strongly recommend you take a private tour. Otherwise expect long lines, huge crowds on the regular tours of the Dohany that make it difficult to follow the story or ask questions. There is always a tight time frame for their guides, and it really gets difficult when some guests need basic knowledge about Judaism while others want to get a more detailed picture about the specific Hungarian Jewish movements.
The Jewish district is an area of Budapest where you really need help to find things, plus the other synagogues don’t have regular tours.
We can give you guides who are personally involved in the Hungarian Jewish history and who have the necessary in-depth knowledge and devotion for these complex and unique tours.

Half day program: Dohany street synagogue with the Hungarian Jewish Museum and the Jewish quarter (Rumbach street synagogue, Kazinczy street orthodox synagogue, Raoul Wallenberg Park, Memorial tree (sponsored by Tony Curtis), holocaust cemetery, Goldmark archives center, mikvah – ritual bath, kosher bakeries and restaurants, Carl Lutz memorial, Gozsdu courtyard, etc.).
Duration: up to 4 hours (depending on the number of synagogues visited)
Price: 80 Euros. Price does not include transportation, entrance tickets.
Full day program: after (or instead of) visiting the sights mentioned in the half day program you can leave the area of the Jewish district to visit the shoes memorial on the Danube embankment, the Holocaust Museum, cemeteries or have kosher or Jewish style lunch, etc. Or you can go out to the countryside to search family roots, follow the footsteps of wonder rabbis…
We also offer translating and interpreting services in Hungarian Jewish matters besides guiding.
Duration & price: subject of agreement

Hungary has always been at the entrance of Central Europe, which made our history very troubled. During a tour like this you can understand better the history of Central-Eastern Europe, the challenges and struggles of today with the heritage of communism on us. The darkest part of the Hungarian history is definitely the previous century when we had to survive the horror of fascism and the terror of communism.
This tour is probably the most exciting for overseas visitors and all generations of the 21th century: parliament with the royal crown, Liberty square with the only remaining Soviet memorial and Ronald Reagen, Saint Steven’s Basilica with the Holy Right (also resting place of Ferenc Puskás, greatest football player), House of Terror Museum (seat of fascist Arrow Cross party, then of the Secret Police)

Duration: up to 4 hours
Price: 110 Euros.
For extra hours we charge 20 Euros/hour. Price does not include transportation, entrance tickets.

Prior to the first World War Budapest was the city of glamor where spectacular palaces mixing Hungarian folk art with oriental architecture were designed for different functions, writers were sipping coffee and shaping also the political life of Hungary under the frescoes of the New York Cafe and then soaking into the waves of the beautiful Gellert thermal bath surrounded by glittering mosaics was a fantastic ending of the day. We can take you back to these times part of a city center walk and you can crown this tour with a splash at the Gellert. Extension possible to the City Park area, where Art Nouveau gems are hidden.

Duration: up to 4 hours (without bathing).
Price: 110 Euros
For extra hours we charge 20 Euros/hour. Price does not include transportation, entrance tickets.

Fashion show in the Gellert bath July 1932.

Music is inseparable from Hungary and Hungarian music has influenced the music culture of the neighboring countries. Thanks to Liszt, Bartok and Kodaly for example the world too became acquainted with Hungarian tunes. You can learn more about them on this tour, visiting houses, places where they lived or played and museums.

Duration: up to 4 hours
Price: 110 Euros.
For extra hours we charge 20 Euros/hour. Price does not include transportation, entrance tickets.

The waves of the troubled European history have washed many far away from their ancestor’s land. In every group we guide there are guests who have Hungarian roots, may them be today here, in Hungary, or in today’s Romania (Erdely – Transylvania), Slovakia (Felvidek), Ukraine (Karpatalja), Serbia (Vajdasag) or Austria. We can help you find your Hungarian background, search through documents in archives, meet your Hungarian relatives, visit cemeteries, translate documents.

Duration & price: subject of agreement.

Why tour with us?
Well, we can only list advantages. Here are some:

– We always tailore the tours to our guests’ interest. Our tours are never boring!
– We like to look after our guests. You will practically have a guardian angel next to you all the time in the person of our guide 🙂
– Let’s be honest. Hungarians still do NOT speak English. Don’t hope you will go by with your other 5 fluently spoken languages. You won’t. Our language is not Indo-European, you will need us as your interpreter!
– Thirsty and hungry? We know where to go to avoid the touristy places.
– Budapest is a very big city, to make the most out of your visit we know what to show you both in Buda and in Pest!