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Dear Visitor!
Welcome to the hidden treasures of Budapest!

Our main objective is to get visitors of the Hungarian capital acquainted with the hidden treasures of Budapest. This magnificent city keeps many sights hidden from the visitor's eye at first sight. Let our expertise and enthusiasm in revealing these treasures help you discover a rich cultural and architectural heritage. We hope you'll be impressed and inspired by Budapest and that you'll love it, like we do.

Let us guide you through a true hidden treasure - the old-new Jewish Quarter of Budapest, WALK with us the path of history.

The Jewish Quarter of Budapest

What area does the Budapest Jewish Quarter cover actually?
Is it a Jewish concentrated area?
How many Jews live in it?
How many synagogues does it have?
Why are old buildings being demolished in it?

Read, listen, learn and come to see it for yourself. Perhaps the best idea to discover this hidden treasure of Budapest is an EXTENDED tour.

We have been organizing tours to the Jewish sights of the Jewish district for almost ten years now. Our guides are experts of Jewish Budapest. We can make your stay in Budapest become a real travel back in time, when discovering the streets of the present-day Jewish quarter, with us you will feel the heartbeat of the once flourishing Jewish neighbourhood of Budapest.

Your feedback is important to us, please contact us with your comments at:

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Budapest Jewish district

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