Tonight Budapest organizes the Earth Hour from 8.30p.m.-9.30p.m. switching the decorative illumination of the city off. Find out more about the world-wide movement at: www.earthhour.org.

– STARS tour: meeting at 5:30p.m. in front of Fenyőgyöngye (Budapest, II. district Szépvölgyi út 155.). You can get there with bus 65 from Kolosy tér, the last stop of the bus. Route: Fenyőgyöngye – Hármashatárhegy – Árpád lookout tower – Fenyőgyöngye, 7 kilometers and the view from the tower is splendid.

Photo and more info: hirek.csillagaszat.hu

– Budapest Chain bridge, Pest end, WWF’s program : from 9p.m. Juli Fábián and Zoohacker concert
More: wwf.hu

David Arquette in Budapest

American actor David Arquette and his friend Mike McGuiness are in Budapest now to shoot an adventure trip for Travel Channel. The Mile High show will be on every week. The first destination of their venture is Budapest.

Find out more here.

Another commercial shot in Budapest

In a previous post we’ve shown you some commercials presenting our beautiful capital while advertising various products. Here is another one. A Chinese girl dreams about the perfect city to be in. And that is Budapest. This video is without voice. Here you can watch the original in Chinese.

65 year-old Liberty statue of Budapest

You can see her from almost anywhere in Pest. Originally, she was the Soviet Liberation Monument and was guarded by a Soviet soldier from a lower pedestal. He, with a machine gun and a hammer-sickle flag is now in the Statue Park, together with Lenin and others. She could stay, since the 90’s we call her the Statue of Liberty. Watch how she was test-assembled.

Spring is almost here!!

The Budapest Spring Festival this year takes place between 16th – 26th March.
Guests: Mihail Pletnyov, Charles Dutoit, Wiener Sängerknaben, Maxim Vengerov, John Malkovich
Different locations in Budapest: Opera House, RAM Colosseum, Italian Institute, Comedy Theater, Urania Movie Theater, Hungarian Radio, Palace of Arts, etc.

Find out more on: www.btf.hu

Mátyás Rákosi was born 120 years ago

Rakosi was one of the communist leaders of Hungary in the ’40s and ’50s, the worst example of personal cult in Hungary was presented by him.

Sixty years ago, on March 9, 1952, a grandiose exhibition was opened in the former Budapest Palace of Justice – today the building of the Museum of Ethnography – on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Matyas Rakosi. On display were gifts made for Rakosi to celebrate the event, including a large number of handicrafts by Hungary’s folk artisans.
The museum opened today an exhibition on the sixtieth anniversary of the 1952 exhibition in the hope of prompting further research on the subject, using material from the collections of the Museum of Ethnography and Hungarian National Museum to explore this unusual “star exhibition” from the building’s past.

Crowds visiting the exhibition organized in 1952 to celebrate Rakosi’s 60th birthday:

Everybody had to celebrate. “Presents” were arriving from the whole country to the “wise leader” Women embroidered for him: to Comrade Rakosi on his 60th birthday:

Photos from neprajz.hu

Watch the TV reports about the event in 1952:

Night of the Baths

Budapest is well-known for its fantastic spas. Turkish or Art Nouveau, everybody can find their preferred atmosphere in a perfect setting.
This program is really worth your attention, this is the 5th Night of the Baths:
Bath Night Saturday 10 March
From 10pm till 3am on Sunday, with popular DJs.
Gellért Baths from 10pm to 3am: Infragandi, Superman, Simon Iddol (electronic).
Rudas Baths from 10pm to 3am: NVC (electronic).
Király Baths from 10pm to 3am: District7 Lumenart (electronic).
Lukács Baths from 10pm to 3am: Girls & Mathematics (electronic).
Széchenyi Baths from 10pm to 3am: Karmatronic, Whiteboy (electronic).

Here is the FB ad: http://hu-hu.facebook.com/furdokejszakaja