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Rumbach street Status Quo Synagogue

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History of the Rumbach Street Synagogue

The Synagogue

The synagogue on Rumbach street in Pest

Status Quo

After the Universal Israelite Congress of 1868-69, Hungarian Jewry split into two major institutionally sectarian groups, Orthodox and Neolog. However, some communities rejected the split, and maintaining the millenial unified Jewish position, refused to join either of the groups. In reference to the situation before the congress, they took the name 'status quo ante'. In actuality, they represented a different point of view from the end of 1871, though a national organization only formed in 1928. In 1896, 76 primary and 171 secondary communities avowed these beliefs, and between the wars, 3,9 % of Hungarians of Jewish religion lived in status quo communities. In 1944, 14,289 people (2,7 %) belonged to 38 status quo communities. The status quo ante communities institutionally revived in 2004. (article from: CENTROPA)

Getting there

Address: 1074 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyen street 11-13.
- take subway M1 (yellow) / M2 (red) / M3 (blue) to De�k t�r station, then walk on Karoly k�r�t towards Astoria, turn left on Kiraly utca until you get to the second corner, that is the Rumbach Sebestyen street.

Opening hours

Rumbach Synagogue

01. MAR 2009 -
01. NOV 2009

01. NOV 2009 -
01. MAR 2010


10:00 - 17:30

10:00 - 15:30


10:00 - 14:30

10:00 - 13:30


10:00 - 17:30

10:00 - 14:30

The Rumbach Synagogue is CLOSED in 2009 on the following days:

This is a museal building, not a consecrated, functioning synagogue. The exterior has been restored, but the interior still awaits restoration. Due to these, the Rumbach street synagogue might be open on days other synagogues remain closed.

Please note:
- on the Hungarian national days the institutes and museums of Budapest usually remain closed.

- on the Jewish High Holidays the synagogues are not open for visitors (there are services).

Entrance tickets in 2009.

- adults, students: 500 HUF (~2 Euros)

Children under 10 free.

The tickets are valid for the Rumbach Synagogue interior visit. In case of temporary exhibitions there are extra tickets to be paid.

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