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Hidden Treasure Tours offers the visitors of Budapest tours that embrace vestiges of the past and give insight into the contemporary life in Budapest.
An absolute must is the tour of the Budapest Jewish quarter. You can discover with us the area of the former Jewish Ghetto of Budapest, its synagogues , the cemetery, memorials and unique architecture. The three major religious wings of the Hungarian Jewry are represented here by the Jewish Triangle; learn about the Neologue, Status Quo Ante and Orthodox wings of the religion. Rigtheous Gentiles, Theodor Herzl, Hanna Szenes and Tony Curtis are also met during the tour. Explore the history, culture and religious life of a community that plays an important role in the development of multicultural Hungary.

We are partners of Aviv Travel, the official cultural and touristical representative of the Budapest Jewish Community.

Dohany street Synagogue in Budapest


Wallenberg Memorial Park


Rumbach Sebestyen street Synagogue in Budapest


Heroes Temple synagogue


Carl Lutz

to Carl Lutz

Kazinczy street Synagogue


Vasvári Pal street synagogue


standard Budapest Jewish quarter tour

1. The STANDARD Jewish quarter tour

This tour is recommended for visitors who wish to get acquainted with the Budapest Jewish quarter, but are short of time. The Dohany street great synagogue is a must see among the top ten sights of Budapest. The tour continues then with a walk in the Jewish district. The walk includes Jewish memorials and many streets bustling again with commercial life and a great number of fascinating old buildings. Experience the unique, special atmosphere of this multicultural district of Budapest. While walking among the ruined and modern buildings you learn the story of the Hungarian Jewry, the Budapest ghetto and the Hungarian holocaust. This is a stroll along narrow streets best explored with the help of a professional guide expert in Jewish history.
The tour includes:
- professional guidance by the official guides of the Jewish Community
- entrance to the Dohany synagogue
- entrance to the Jewish museum (non guided)
- visit of the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park with the Weeping Willow Tree holocaust memorial
- a walk in the Jewish district of Budapest
- entrance to the Rumbach synagogue

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Departure: from the Dohany street synagogue (No tour on Saturdays and holidays)
Price: 6400 Forints/adult, 5400 Forints/student

We also offer private guided Jewish tours, please read below about our extended tours.

For reservation and details please read the important information.

Budapest Jewish quarter walking tour

2. The EXTENDED Jewish quarter tour

Jews have lived in the Carpathian Basin already in the times of the Roman Empire. Learning about the Hungarian Jewish community is a wonderful travel back in time. This is the complete, most detailed tour of the Budapest Jewish district for those searching Hungarian Jewish roots, Hungarian Jewish heritage or anybody who wants to get an insight to Jewish Budapest / understand the 20th century history of Central - Eastern Europe / discover the coolest party district of Budapest. This tour is ideal for everyone who prefers a more personalized approach - may that be to get basic knowledge about Judaism or for a more detailed picture about the specific Hungarian Jewish movements.
Our guides are personally involved in the Hungarian Jewish history and have the necessary in-depth knowledge and devotion for these complex and unique tours.

The extended Jewish district tour of Budapest includes interior visits to the three most important synagogues of the area, the Dohany, the Rumbach and the Kazinczy synagogues - representatives of the three major religious wings of the Hungarian Jewry. This tour is the best way to understand the Hungarian Jewry's past and present.
The tour is ALL INCLUSIVE:
- professional guidance by the official guides of the Jewish Community
- entrance to the Dohany street synagogue
- entrance to the Hungarian Jewish Museum
- the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park with the Weeping Willow Tree holocaust memorial
- entrance to the Rumbach street synagogue
- entrance to the Kazinczy street orthodox synagogogue and the orthodox district (today's party street of Budapest with lots of ruin pubs)
- the Carl Lutz memorial
-the Gozsdu courtyard
- visit of the Vasvary street synagogue when it is open
- a walk in the Jewish district of Budapest

Go beyond the Budapest Jewish district and continue with a visit of the Shoes Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the Rabbinical Seminary, the Obuda synagogue, cemeteries, the Buda medieval Jewish district or other Jewish sights. Ask us for more information!
Duration: half day (around 4 hours) or full day (around 7 hours)
Departure: from the Dohany street synagogue or your accommodation


half day

full day

1-2 person

130 Euros / 145 USD

price depends on extensions

3-4 person

160 Euros / 180 USD

price depends on extensions

For reservation and details please read the important information.

Important information

How to book a tour? Just fill in a reservation form bellow please where you find all the necessary details or send us your request via mail.

How to pay for a tour? At the moment, you can only pay on the spot in cash.

What are the means of transportation used during a tour? The Jewish quarter tours are walkable. When taking a private tour extended to sights, synagogues that are outside of the Jewish district, then city public transportation is convenient and affordable or we can use also taxis or for maximum comfort we can help you have a private transfer by car, minivan or bus.

Departures & prices of the Jewish district tours


Tour 1, the Standard

Tour 2, the Extended


10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30

upon request


10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30

upon request


10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30

upon request

The departure times given can be modified in case of private tours or tours for groups.
To make sure you are able to participate in a tour and to avoid standing in line at the ticket office, please fill in a reservation form. We have to deal with a heavy visitor traffic daily.
Due to last minute changes in the opening hours for any reason by the synagogues, we can not take any responsibility. The synagogues in Budapest are closed on Saturdays and Hungarian national and Jewish religious holidays. Please check your arrival date before booking a tour.


Tour 1, the Standard

Tour 2, the Extended


6400 (~22 €)

65 Euros


5400 (~18 €)

60 Euros

Tickets are available at the Dohany synagogue TICKET OFFICES.
Price includes admission tickets, where applicable.
Tickets can be purchased in cash only.
Prices in Euros are informative only. They may vary according to the exchange rate valid for the day. The above seen prices have been calculated in March 2015, with the rate 1 Euro = 300 Hungarian Forints, rounded up.
Prices seen on our site are valid only until further notice.
Children under 10 are free. In case of a large group of only children a special group rate will be applied.
Groups get special discounts.
Make a reservation.

Reserving a tour
Please send us your request by filling in a form bellow or via mail 48 hours prior to the tour if possible. Please give us the following information: type and date of tour you are interested in, number of participants, your contact information and in case of private tours please mention where you want the tour to start from (for ex: hotel, front of Dohany synagogue, etc.). We respond to your request with our Confirmation of Reservation sheet, containing availability information and all necessary details. You just have to confirm your reservation then. In case of any modifications, please inform us as early as possible, but at least 48 hours ahead. Due to occurring flight delays we recommend our guests not to book a tour for the day of their arrival, if possible.

Reservation Form

Type of tour: standard/extended/other (please specify)

Requested date and hour of tour

Language of tour: English/Spanish/Italian
available on standard tours

Number of adults

Number of students

Contact person

Budapest accommodation



Questions, others

( * we need these information to confirm the booking and contact you)

Meeting point of the Jewish district tours
In case of regular tours the meeting point is in front of the Dohany street synagogue main gate, before going through the security check. In case of private tours guests will be met at the meeting point specified during the reservation procedure.

Getting there
Take subway M1 (yellow) / M2 (red) / M3 (blue) to Deák tér station, then walk on Károly körút towards Astoria square, or take subway M2, tram 47, 49 or bus 7, 78 to Astoria station, then walk on Károly körút towards Deák tér. The Dohány Synagogue is at walking distance from the Danube, from the downtown hotels in Pest and the pedestrian shopping street Váci utca.

The Jewish Quarter of Budapest

  • It is located in the 7th district of Budapest, on the eastern bank of the Danube, the Pest side of the city, roughly between the Kiraly utca - Karoly korut - Dohany utca - and Erzsebet korut. This part of Budapest belongs to the 7th district, and bears the name of Queen Elisabeth (Sissi), hence the name Erzsebetvaros. The 7th district is one of the smallest districts of Budapest, and it hasn't changed much since World War II. Some parts of it have changed a lot, not to their best. Investers have succeeded in obtaining permissions for demolation, and construction without involving the Ministry of Cultural Heritage or the Monument Protection Directorate. Watch this short movie and understand more: Legacy For Sale - Hungary.

  • Many do. However, after World War II many Jews have either left the country, or those who stayed have spread around in Budapest's other districts. Another district of Budapest, where many Jews live now is along the Danube bank, on the Pest side of the city. In Hungarian it is called Ujlipotvaros, Leopold's Town in English. Many of the Swedish protected houses were in this area, one of the streets here actually bears the name of Raoul Wallenberg.

  • The first thing visitors notice is how empty the streets get when leaving the corner of the Dohany synagogue behind. Hollo utca, Kazinczy utca, Rumbach Sebestyen utca, Sip utca, Nagy Diofa utca, Klauzal ter, Wesselenyi and Dob utca are full of hidden treasures of the once prosperous Jewish life in this part of the town. Faded remains of former shop-advertisements, imprints of the names of Jewish craftsmen-houseowners above gates, Jewish symbols and monograms of architects and houseowners on the cast-iron railings of staircases, menora decorations on balconies and entrance gates; synagogues facing the streets (Dohany synagogue), hidden behind dwelling houses in inner courts (Vasvari synagogue), attached to the community's office block (Rumbach synagogue) and





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